This is where it all began for us. The passion that resulted with Singleton Sound Solutions. The opportunity to deliver Hi-Quality sound into homes is what makes us tick.Whether it’s a simple two channel stereo system with a set of bookshelf speakers, a Home Theatre System to involve you in the movie or an integrated multi-zone audio system that you can control with your phone, we’re excited and we can’t wait to help!
Our range comprises of a number of brands including Rotel, Denon, NAD, Anthem, OPPO, Project, Thorens (aahhh Vinyl!), Rega, Richter, SONOS and many more. This ensures that your decision can only result in awesome, rich sound.We can tailor a system to suit your needs and love spending time with you to get that sound “just right”. Give us a call and book some time, so we can explore your journey into Hi-Quality sound.
Partner this with a Samsung or Panasonic LED TV or a projector from SIM2, Sony or InFocus and your journey is complete.